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  • The Insomnia-Allergy Connection and What To Do About It! March 31, 2015
    Spring is finally here in full effect–but it’s hard to focus on enjoying the weather when I can’t get any sleep! Allergies have never been an issue for me–until about five years ago when I met Mr. B! I noticed this cycle starting rather slowly–every year around this time, I find myself waking up to […]
  • Sleep Hygiene matters too–Don’t just jump in bed! March 25, 2015
    Like most people, I try to get the right amount of sleep every night to ensure that I am not distracted, tired or restless in the morning as I head off to work. I exercise a few days a week, try to eat healthier, sleep on a quality and supportive mattress and I even try […]
  • World Sleep Day – this Friday! March 11, 2015
    At the Better Sleep Council we work hard to help consumers understand the importance of sleep and the role that their sleep surface and sleep sanctuary play in getting those precious zzz’s. This past weekend we all took a “spring forward” and lost an hour of sleep. I don’t know about you, but the dark […]