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  • Sleep and the Bottom Line October 27, 2014
    Blogger:  Terry Cralle, RN, MS, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator How many of us have financial challenges and concerns of one kind or another? The answer is “plenty.” Financial issues can cause a host of problems—including stress, anxiety, and even sleep loss. However, getting sufficient sleep can help mitigate stress caused by financial issues. Lack of Sleep = […]
  • Counting Sheep in Ireland – Part 2 October 1, 2014
    Counting Sheep in Maryland –Part Two Blogger: Deb Chapman  In part one of this blog I mentioned that I ended my first full day in Ireland with an uninterrupted, full night’s sleep…a rarity for me. It’s amazing what a totally sleepless transatlantic flight and jet lag will do to you. Feeling refreshed, we headed out […]
  • Counting Sheep In Ireland September 24, 2014
    Blogger Deb Chapman If you follow this blog, you know that I was looking forward to a trip to Ireland. As most vacations do, it went by far too quickly.   I also mentioned the various methods I planned to hopefully sleep during the overnight transatlantic flight. Unfortunately, none of them worked and we landed at […]