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  • It’s Valentine’s Day: Share time, love & your bed! February 10, 2015
    Blogger: Jasmine Wood The idea of heart-shaped balloons, roses by the dozen and delicious gourmet chocolates are flooding our brains and airways! It’s Valentine’s Day and once again, we have all fallen to the hype. Not too long after the Christmas holiday and we’re back at contemplating the perfect gift for your significant other! So […]
  • Someone let me know when working out becomes as awesome as sleep… February 4, 2015
    Blogger:  Karin Mahoney As I sit here, writing this blog, there are two voices in my head distinctly saying, “OMG, I’m so freaking tired…” (thanks, J, for thinking that 6:30 am is a great wake up time this week,) and “OMG, I seriously need to work out.” I really need a find a way to […]
  • How to survive life on the road January 27, 2015
    Blogger: Jane Kitchen Many people these days find themselves spending the night in unfamiliar territory throughout the year as they travel for business, often to other time zones or even other countries. But the combination of new surroundings, time changes, work pressures, alcohol intake, and potentially loud neighbors (especially if, like me, you often travel […]